Infrastructure Inspection

Efficient object inspection

Do you need to periodically inspect certain structures (bridges, wind turbines, pipelines, levees, dams)? Do you want to do it cheaper, faster, safer, and with higher quality? Consider using drones for these tasks.

Drones have literally revolutionized filming in hard-to-reach areas, and even in places completely inaccessible to humans, enabling this task to be carried out safely, quickly, easily, cheaply, and with even higher quality using a variety of different sensors.

Drone hovering over a construction site

In performing certain tasks, humans simply cannot match the efficiency of drones.

Drone inspecting building process of a construction

Fast and safe inspections of objects

Imagine a periodic inspection of a large bridge where it is necessary to capture the condition of load-bearing elements, which would involve documenting the condition of each bolt on the supporting structure.

Today’s drone technology and capabilities enable this task to be completed very quickly and safely, even from the comfort of an office or vehicle, while capturing every detail.

Practically anywhere, where it is necessary to capture and document a specific object/element/building to determine its condition/properties, drones have become an indispensable tool.

For almost anything you can think of in the realm of filming, there is likely a solution using drones.

Starting from capturing the baseline condition, creating 3D models and point clouds and orthophotos, to searching for defects and material weaknesses, finding micro-cracks and thermal bridges, visual inspections of elements or areas of interest, monitoring of works, and much more.

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