Solar Panels

Efficiency of solar panels

Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy, of course, as long as there is sunlight. Many people today install mini solar power plants on their roofs, preceded by planning efforts aimed at achieving a higher degree of user autonomy and utilization.

Although the warranties on the individual components of the power plant can be 10, 15, or even 20 years, it is not impossible for some elements to fail, which sometimes jeopardizes the entire production.

To ensure high efficiency of the power plant and thereby reduce the payback period of the investment, it is necessary to periodically check the power plant and make sure that everything is functioning properly.

Rooftop of a building covered with solar panels

Even when all elements are functioning, i.e., the power plant is operational, it may happen that it does not produce as much as it actually can, i.e., it is not operating at full capacity.

A drone hovering over solar panels

Checking solar panels with drones

Sometimes the reason is trivial, such as panel dirtiness due to rain containing sand, which can consequently greatly reduce electricity production.

Imagine the losses due to reduced efficiency during the summer months when the most energy should be produced, whether due to dirtiness or failure of a specific panel within a certain section of the power plant.

Whether you’re planning to set up a power plant and want to capture the baseline condition or you’re aiming to ensure the most efficient operation of your power plant, i.e., you’re looking for panels with reduced efficiency, we can help you.


In an extremely short amount of time, we can capture vast areas, whether on easily accessible or hard-to-reach terrain, at any time of day.

We conduct filming using thermal cameras, through which you can see the efficiency of individual panels and identify problematic panels in your solar power plant.

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