SORA Assessment

Why is SORA important?

With the growing number of drones in the European sky, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance has never been more critical. Hyperion Drones takes the lead in providing Specific Operation Risk Assessment (SORA) services tailored to EU regulations, for both company and private entities.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has prescribed SORA as a mandatory risk assessment methodology with the aim of safe drone operation within the European Union. Whether you are an experienced operator or a newcomer to the world of drones, understanding and adhering to SORA can be complex. With Hyperion Drones, this process becomes simpler.

Our SORA services


Full Assessment

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your drone operations to identify and categorize risks associated with your specific operation.


SORA Documentation

From initial assessment to final documentation, we ensure that all phases of the SORA process are carefully and thoroughly prepared in accordance with regulations and requirements.


and Correction

Our team suggests improvements in existing SORA documents. By identifying necessary modifications, we guide you toward meeting regulatory standards.


Customized Workshops

 For entities that wish to have a more in-depth insight into SORA methodology, our experts organize workshops that clarify each component of the SORA methodology.


Ongoing Support

We continuously monitor changes in SORA methodology ensuring you keep pace with the latest trends.


One-time or Ongoing Commitments

Whether you need one-time advice or continuous monitoring of SORA requirements, we are here for you

In the complex environment of drone operations within the EU, SORA is the foundation of safety.

Hyperion Drones will enable you to carry out operations in compliance with SORA and the highest levels of safety.

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